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Get Out The Vote 2014 - Make Your Voice Heard in Washington D.C.!

Political participation is the cornerstone of American democracy. The officials we elect this November will be making decisions that affect our academic institutions, our students, our employees and our Company for years to come. The good news is, you can have a say in these decisions by getting involved!

EDMC Votes 2014 has all the tools you need to learn more about legislators, candidates, and the upcoming elections. You can also take the next step by using our Register to Vote tool to register and learn more about voting in the upcoming election.

This website is not designed to tell you what to think or how to vote; this site is designed to encourage employees like you, regardless of political affiliation, to exercise their civic duties by learning about the candidates and voting on Election Day 2014. We hope you will take advantage of these tools and resources to do so!

2014 Election Landscape Map